General FAQs

Can you provide site surveys?
Yes, free of charge!
How much electricity do the lights use?
The amount of power that is drawn from a set of 6 Uplighters is approximately 3 amps. We provide circuit breakers and all we require is a standard plug point. For larger events, or events that are not near an electrical supply, generators can be used. Please contact us for our recommended suppliers.
Can I decorate the marquee myself?
You are more than welcome to decorate the marquees yourself, however we would request that you use string where ever possible as opposed to tape, and only attach decorations to the ropes and poles and do not attach anything else to the canopy or walls of the marquee.
Can I use party poppers or crêpe paper?
We do ask clients to refrain from using party poppers or crepe paper as they can stain the marquee.
For a Saturday event when typically will you set up?
It very much depends on the type of event. For all the weddings we like to be finished by Friday lunchtime leaving Friday afternoon and Saturday morning for the more informal events.
How many guests can I seat around a table?
As a general rule:
  • 8-10 around a 5ft table
  • 6-8 around a 4ft table
  • 6 on a 6ft trestle table (plus one either end)
Can you suggest caterers?
We work closely with a selection of catering companies and would be pleased to recommend them where appropriate. There are some suggestions on both our Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire pages.
Can you suggest venues?
We work closely with a selection of venues and would be pleased to recommend them where appropriate. There are some suggestions on both our Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire pages.
Are the marquees waterproof?
Yes all our marquees are waterproof.
How far in advance do I need to book?
As soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
Will the marquee damage my lawn?
We try to ensure that we do not cause unnecessary damage. It is important that the grass is cut prior to setup and we have as flat a surface as possible. Depending on the length of the hire period during the summer months the grass may discolour where a marquee has been located.
What are Capri Marquees Payment terms and cancellation policy?
We require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total order value with confirmation. The balance is payable 30 days before the event. If you need to postpone your arrangements we will try to accommodate your requirements on an alternative date.
Will I need carpeting / matting?
It does depend on the summer weather, the type of event and the condition of the grass. Most weddings require matting but many of the more informal events that we cover work well without the carpet or matting.
Are heels ok with the matting?
Yes, we use Dandy Dura matting which has a very tight weave on a DPC, either nailed or taped down. so it's no problem for heels.
Will I need a heater?
It really depends on the weather and how late your event is likely to go on in the evening. Generally they are required in early spring and late autumn.
Do you hire other equipment that we might need for a party?
Yes, we supply most things you will need, including tables, chairs, dance floors and much more. Please refer to our Accessories page for further details.
Do you supply toilets?
No, we do not provide toilets, but we can put you in touch with people that do.

Capri style marquee FAQs

How many guests can I accommodate in a Capri Marquee?
These numbers are a guide and it does depend if your guests are seated or standing we can supply individual seating plans for each event. Please remember larger events might require reception areas, dance floors, bars etc.
  • 20' x 20' marquee - up to 24 seated and 32 standing
  • 28' x 28' marquee - up to 40 seated or 54 standing
  • 20' x 30' marquee - up to 48 seated or 60 standing
  • 28' X 38' marquee - up to 80 seated or 100 standing
  • 2 x 28' X 38' marquees joined - up to 160 seated or 200 standing
  • 3 x 28' X 38' marquees joined - up to 240 seated or 300 standing
  • 4 x 28' X 38' marquees joined - up to 320 seated or 400 standing
How high is the Capri marquee?
The marquee is 16 feet high at the centre poles.
Can the Capri Marquee be erected over trees?
This depends on the tree height, but we can erect marquees over small trees, maximum 12 feet in height.
How high are the arches of the Capri Marquee?
They are approximately 7ft to 8ft high so plenty of head space, the arches creating a more open feel.
Do I pay extra for the side walls of the Capri Marquee?
No, all Capri Marquees come with a 1/2 clear and 1/2 solid walls which are included in the price - They are easily removed (or reattached) in a matter of minutes.
Can I attach the Capri Marquee walls myself?
If you decide to attach them later in the day they should take no longer that a couple of minutes for each side wall.
Can the marquees be set up on hard surfaces?
The Capri marquees can only be put on grass. The Clearspan marquees can be put on a hard surface as well as grass.

Clear span style marquee FAQs

What sizes do Clearspan Marquees come in?
They come in 3m, 6m and 9m widths (10, 20 and 30 feet) and in 3m sections (10 feet) - so you can have 9m x 3m, 9m x 6m, 9m x 9m and so on.
Do clearspan marquees need to be on grass?
No, they can be erected on hard standing by using weights.
How can a Clearspan Marquee be decorated?
We can line the marquee using our standard ivory lining with ivory swags. Please ask if you want a particular colour lining or swag as we have access to a full range of coloured and patterned linings, including illuminated starcloth.
Are there any poles in the Clearspan Marquees?
No, Clearspan Marquees have no poles or guy ropes.